Monday, June 13, 2005

Cinderella Man

Via Tbogg, let me give you first John Podhoretz's thought on the movie, the short version:
I can't make up my mind about a really good movie until other people tell me my opinion. I gotta be careful since people made fun of me because I liked Jar Jar Binks. And my mommy holds my wee-wee when I have to go.
Cinderella Man is a really good movie, so good it makes you forgive Ron's crime against humanity. Just go see it.

Out to Lunch

Damn these last few weeks have been wicked! I don't know when I'll return but I really miss posting to the blog. Right now though, I just gotta get some other shit done.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sometimes Advertisements Just Write Themselves:

I can see the Ads now:

Land Rover: Tough Cars for Tough Dykes.

Jaguar, Luxury Fit for a Queen.

Although I kid, as always, I think this is a great idea. GLADD is a good organization and I think it's great that they are getting support from a powerhouse company like Ford. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks this is a good idea:
"The typical family which buys a Ford SUV or Ford car is not going to be excited about the sort of groups that Ford is sponsoring," he said. "These are groups that are out of the mainstream of America and these are people who hold most religious people in the United States in contempt."
Um, I hate to point this out, but your typical family, whatever that is, isn't buying a fucking Jaguar or a Land Rover. A Ford Windstar maybe, but not a Jaguar.

Rumsfeld Defends Treatment of Prisoners

Let me give you a synopsis of this article: Rumsfeld cuts down a bunch of straw-men and calls you an ungrateful bastard for making him do it.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Nameless

Shorter pentagon: That nameless prisoner that accused us of desecrating the Koran and beating him, we found that same prisoner and he completely went back on his accusations; said the events never happened. Original interview text? Nope, still unavailable. The FBI agent, well, they're nameless too...all of 'em. So even though we can't let you verify that we interviewed the same detainee each time, we can't release the name of the detainee nor the FBI agent, and we can't release the text of any of the interrogations, you'll just have to believe what we say. Good? Alright then.


Syria arrests 1,200 headed for Iraq which is apparently not good enough for Condi:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has steadily stepped up her rhetorical attack, from saying Syria was not doing enough to guard the border with Iraq to accusing it of permitting insurgents to stage their operations from Syria.
Oh yeah, I nearly forgot that Bush slapped sanctions on Syria
Syria provided the United States with intelligence on al-Qaida after the Sept. 11 attacks. But President Bush ordered sanctions against Damascus a year ago after longstanding complaints that Syria was supporting terrorism and undermining U.S. efforts in Iraq — allegations it denies.
I guess those sanctions didn't forbid the importation of terror suspects for questioning by Syrian authorities.
Other countries used in the renditions program include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Morocco.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stem Cells and the Culture of Life

There is some legislation up in the mix that would allow for the expansion of federal support for embryonic stem cell research. Guess what comes marching out...if you said "culture of life" you win!
"The use of federal dollars to destroy life is something I simply do not support," Bush said at the White House.
I'm sure that sentiment is a comfort to all these folks.
The president declined to answer a question about what should be done with the many embryos left over from fertility treatments.

"The issue that involves the federal government is whether or not to use taxpayers' money that would end up destroying that life," he said.
Read that as "I'm a simplistic pussy who would prefer not to address a really complex issue".
Several Senate sponsors, including Republicans, forged ahead nonetheless as they accepted the House-passed bill with a photo-friendly red bow affixed to it.
Dazzle Bush with purty bows and he'll be sure to forget the veto. Seriously. A red bow. WTF?
Bush, whose veto would be the first of his presidency, says he opposes the bill because it would open the way for federally funded research that could create life to destroy it.
I swear, Bush knows nothing about this issue other than that one talking point and goddamn if he ain't gonna hammer that one note until Gabriel's trumpet sounds, praying that he's in the same key for the endtimes. Bush hasn't fucking vetoed a think in 5 years. I hope that this legislation gets pushed and pushed just to call his bluff. If Bush does veto it, I know who will be doing some dancing; it isn't Dobson and company, it'll be these people. They'll be waving to us as their scientific development moves by leaps and bounds leaving America's researchers in the dust.

Newsweek Lied, People Died...or Who to the What Now?

I guess only half of the whole "Newsweek lied, people died", is true:
WASHINGTON - Terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay prison told U.S. interrogators as early as April 2002, just three months after the first detainees arrived, that military guards abused them and desecrated the Quran, declassified FBI records say.


The once-secret FBI documents show a consistency to the allegations and are the first indication that Justice and Defense department officials were aware in early 2002 that detainees were accusing their guards of mistreating the holy book.
Emphasis mine.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Hip-Hop Lyric of the Moment

Today's HHLM is brought to you from the classic album by the Fugees, "The Score":
If I should fall asleep and death takes me away
Don't be surprised son, I wasn't put here to stay
At night the evil armies of Shaton don't play
So the family stick together and we never betray.

Deadbeat Lesbians

This article should be really interesting to follow:
SAN FRANCISCO - California's highest court was asked Tuesday to create a legal framework for what constitutes a family as justices weighed parental rights for lesbian couples who broke up after having children.
This problem wouldn't be nearly as sticky if gays could simply, I don't know...marry, or at least have civil unions. But instead we have a child custody/child support shit fight that doesn't look simple to resolve.
On the other side were two women seeking to retain sole custody of their children, and a woman who argues she should not have to pay child support for her former lover's twins. Their lawyers warned if someone without a biological, marital or adoption-related claim on a child can legally assert parental rights, it would open the door to all sorts of custody disputes.

"There will be no limit to the numbers of companions, be they related or not, to single parents making claims of parentage," said attorney Diana Richmond, representing a woman seeking sole custody of the twin girls she bore with her former partner's donated eggs.
I think that legally holding gay relationships to the same standard as straight marriages is an important step in getting gays legally married. It allows gays to keep pointing out that they have relationship problems just like straight folks and that they want to hold their partners legally accountable for serious problems that arise. Gays aren't looking for exceptions here, they're looking for equality under the law.

We'll just Pre-Empt Your Pre-Emptive Strike!

Thanks Bush! No one could have ever guessed that other nations would look to America to justify their own doctrine of pre-emptive war:
"The United States should be aware that the choice of a pre-emptive attack is not only theirs," the North's official news agency quoted the state-run newspaper Minju Joson as saying. "To stand against force with force is our unswerving method of response."
One other thing I was wondering when reading this article. Does North Korea follow current events at all?:
North Korea on Tuesday also repeated claims its nuclear weapons help protect peace in East Asia.

"It is in the East Asian region, including the Korean Peninsula, where the U.S. moves for vicious attacks and war ... are carried out most seriously," Minju Joson said. "It is our nuclear deterrent that basically guarantees peace and stability."
Not yet dude, right now we're at war with Oceana.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Switching to the Right

Tbogg lets loose the double barrels of snark on good old Keith Thompson. Apparently Keith has just found out that the Viagra for a failing career as a hack pundit is to declare fealty to the Right and finish with a flying faceplant into lap of the nearest wingnut he can find. Tbogg seems to think that Keith has already blown his load but I disagree. With straw-men such as these Keith will have a very long and satisfying career...and by "long and satisfying" I do mean "short and shriveled".

Thursday, May 19, 2005


I know I just posted about Amanda Marcotte but she has another post that must be noted and can be found here. Has it really been that long? In the amount of time that it took us to fight WW2 where we defeated the Germans and the Japanese we have spent the same amount of time fighting the war on terror? Amanda has a lot of good points but there is one other that I want to say that she forgot. We had Hitler on the run so hard that he killed himself. He killed himself like the little bitch he was to escape the justice we were bringing to him. That's how fucking serious we were about getting Hitler and ending the war.

Contrast that with how we're treating Bin Laden. As I posted here we really don't seem so concerned with him at all. Bin Laden is the guy who masterminded 9/11 and we still haven't brought him to justice. The Greatest Generation drove one of the most heinous mass murderers to his death. We let mass murderers continue to live and plot more crimes, what the fuck?

The All-Important Non-Combat War Effort

Amanda Marcotte replaced Ezra Klein over at Pandagon. Amanda is really amazing, she has a fantastic writing style and sharp intellect. I would say her balls are so big that they scrape the ground but with her being a woman, that description is not so accurate. It's probably better to say she busts balls like a 9 pound sledge hammer; however, she fucks up punk ass right winger women just as quickly as the men. So she isn't exclusively in the business of busting balls so to speak. Still a better term might be that she has got a ton of moxie, a shit ton really.

If you want an idea of how much moxie she has read this post where she eviscerate conservatives who are calling for the boycott of the Star Wars movie:
This is all beside the point, except to point out that by boycotting the film as part of the all-important non-combat war effort, the Fighting Keyboardists are probably just drumming up more importance for what is, like it or not, just a sci-fi movie. My theory is that this entire shit-fit has nothing to do with Lucas's politics, however. I think that's just a cover for the real problem conservatives have with Star Wars--it's competition.

Think about it--the Republicans need fresh recruits, and where else to get them than by leaning heavily on virginal young men who like the idea of war but don't necessarily want to get their hands dirty? Star Wars is mucking up their entire sales pitch by offering a safe outlet for those battle fantasies that doesn't have the moral quandries that come with being a hypocritical and cowardly war blogger. Plus, you can meet people, possibly even the occasional woman, while standing in line for the film.
Ok so that was a much better example of ball busting than moxie but you get the idea: this lady is a total fucking bad ass!