Monday, January 31, 2005

Check out these Blogs

I got listed on this web site, it's a list of blogs who are saying no to Gonzales. Check them out.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Senators Who Got My Letter

Here's a list of Senate Democrats who recieved my letter as of today:
Biden- gets revised letter
Boxer- gets revised letter

I will continue to work on the rest tomorrow and through the weekend. The revised letter thanks them for voting no Gonzales in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

From Boxer

Over at Kos, Senator Boxer posted this. It's a good read. But I think that this bit of info needs to be echoed loud and clear:
In fact, Condoleezza Rice received 13 votes against her confirmation -- the most votes against any Secretary of State's nomination since 1825.
Emphasis mine.

Letter to Senate Democrats about Gonzales.

Dear Senator Democrat,

On January 26th, a Senate Judiciary Committee approved Alberto Gonzales as U.S. attorney general. As you know Mr. Gonzales was behind the memo that provided the legality of harsh interrogation tactics used by U.S. military personnel, tactics that some say amount to torture.

The reasons for opposing these harsh interrogation tactics are: One, evidence gathered under torture is not reliable. Two, this sets a dangerous precedent in US courts where torture could be used against US citizens. Three, it negates the moral authority of our armed services who may have such tactics used against them in a time of war.

Allowing Gonzales to be approved as attorney general is an affront to the basic American values of due process, equality under law, human rights, human dignity, and fair and just punishment. These are values that we are trying to export to fledgling democracies like Iraq. If we allow someone who does not hold these values to assume power in our own country, then how are we going to be a beacon of democracy and justice to the rest of the world? We cannot allow someone who enables torture to become Attorney General.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along strict party lines. Senators Leahy, Kennedy, Biden, Feingold, Schumer, Feinstein, Kohl, Durbin have shown that they are ready to take a stand for American values- they voted no to Gonzales. I implore you to please do everything within your power as a senator to block Gonzales from being confirmed. You are a representative of the people, their voice in times such as these. Please stand up for what is right and block the confirmation of Gonzales.


Gonzales Again.

As I said yesterday, fuck Gonzales. However, I failed to note that he still has to be confirmed by the full senate. My bad. So above I will post the letter I plan to send to as many senate democrats as I am able. Hopefully I can get it our over the weekend so at the latest they will see it monday. Don't know if it will do any good but I can't let this go without saying something.

Yahoo! News - AP: Gitmo Soldier Details Sexual Tactics

Read this shit and explain something to me about what this dude says:
"I have really struggled with this because the detainees, their families and much of the world will think this is a religious war based on some of the techniques used, even though it is not the case," the author, former Army Sgt. Erik R. Saar, 29, told AP.
They use religion against the detainees but they don't want them to think this is a religious war? What the fuck else are they going to conclude dipshit?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Senate Democrats Who Voted No to Gonzales

They are Senators:

Call them, or write, tell them we appreciate their work.

Failed Bush World Leadership

From Kos we have an article written by a former Neocon. It would be nice if for once America could get it's head out of it's ass and take a fucking look around at the rest of the world.

Fuck Gonzales

Well we now have one scary motherfucker as an Attorney General. Torture is now ok at least by admission, legally it has become a gray area, thanks in no small part to Gonzales, but by confirming this man we have now told the world that we approve of heinous human rights violations. The The Rude One weighs in on this with a good post.
But sometimes you gotta stop actin' like a pomo liberal pussy and stand firm.
Well, it looks like the Dems. did stand firm, as firm as they could, being outnumbered by the Republicans by two votes. I have to give props to the Democrats that made the moral decision to say no to Gonzales. Just because we don't have the votes to stop this sort of shit doesn't mean we have to roll over and vote for it. Gonzales is unfit for his position and as Biden was quoted as saying "His judgement is defective". Keep up the good fight Senate Democrats!

Democrats Say Rice Misled About Iraq War

Good news today, someone's balls finally descended.
"I don't like impugning anyone's integrity, but I really don't like being lied to," Dayton said in opposing Rice's nomination on the Senate floor. "Repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally."
Dayton, here's a little tip. Stop apologizing for "impugning her integrity", all that suggests is that Rice has some integrity left to impugn. Oh yeah, and to you Mr. Frist:
"We should have been done last week," Frist said. "I was disappointed that we are having to march through the debate today. But ultimately the vote will occur."
Stop your whining!

Still later in the article:
Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee (news - web sites) sent an e-mail to its supporters with the subject line "Meet the New Face of the Democratic Party." It portrayed Boxer as having a "left of liberal" voting record and being closely tied to the Hollywood elite. The e-mail included a link for supporters to "support the Bush agenda by becoming a team leader today."
Well the new face is certainly better than the old one. Also, become a team leader so the GOP can siphon off your cash and ignore your agenda, chump.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Beast Bottom 50 People

This is awesome.
The fact that this ambulatory hamburger’s opinions were ever given public forum is an indictment of our entire civilization and all human history leading up to this point.
They could be talking about me :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Meaning of SpongeBob

Wow, just fucking WOW. This is a must read article from Orcinus. Here's a snippit:
In essence, that argument comes down to the charge that the forces of tolerance are themselves being intolerant of people's legitimate religious beliefs. It is an old argument, made by the likes of Robert Miles and David Duke over the years. The question becomes: Should we tolerate intolerance?

Still, it deserves a fair answer, and there is a simple one: Tolerance and intolerance -- whatever its rationale -- are mutually incompatible. There is no reason why a society that embraces tolerance as an essential value would simultaneously embrace intolerance. Embracing one, by its nature, means rejecting the other.
Now, it's important to understand that tolerance, unlike James Dobson's misapprehension, does not connote promotion. That is, promoting a tolerance of gay and lesbian people no more promotes homosexuality than urging tolerance of blackness or Jews promotes blackness or Judaism. It merely creates the space where they are allowed to participate as full members of society.

That includes, of course, people whose religious beliefs oppose homosexuality, or Judaism, or for that matter nonwhiteness. They're permitted to believe as they see fit. No one is demanding that people's children make friends with gays, if that runs counter to their belief system. What advocates of tolerance insist upon is that their children not beat up on gays and their children, verbally or otherwise, nor actively discriminate against them, just as we insist on the same treatment for Jewish and black children. This shouldn't be too much to ask.

Of course, it's important to recognize and respect people's private religious beliefs. But when those beliefs run counter to the basic mutual respect that makes a democratic society function, then it's incumbent on that society to stand firm. There's no more reason for educators in our schools to "compromise" on tolerance for gays because of individual religious beliefs than for them to do so regarding tolerance for other minorities.

Today's Non-Hip-Hop Lyric of the Moment

I normally post hip-hop lyrics that I like but as a change for today I wanted to post a lyric from DIDO. I'm listening to her CD "Life for Rent" to keep me calm while I'm working on a presentation. Anyway, this lyric from the title track Life for Rent really got me:
If my life is for rent
And I don't learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
Nothing I have is truly mine.

A Day Late....

and a dollar short. I finally realized what it was about the $40 million dollar inaguration that bothered the shit out of me. I mean besides the whole outlandishness of it all.

Basically, Kerry got ripped because he is rich and thus out of touch with mainstream America. Let me say this, a $40 million dollar party is not representative of mainstream America. That shit just goes to show how fucking out of touch Bush is with the people who voted for him.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hip-Hop Lyric of the Moment

Today's Hip-hop Lyric of the Moment is brought to you by Illogic:
If your father and his father were fish out of water
You must break the cycle
How many times must a plant be uprooted for it to die?
When it's smothered with lies that abolish the potency of the sky
So when the stars burn out and God replaces the bulbs
With a million watts
And throws the switch, sparks filament
Hurting new giants and flocks
I stand my own two aura illuminated in red
Showcasing the agony held within this welded spirit
Sacrificing itself for the health of a masocistic culture
Yearning for the truth that we speak but refuse to hear it

GOP Jesus

Via Atrios we find this letter to the editor. People in the comments were going back and forth, wondering if this letter was parody or not. I submit that it was not parody as it seems like this is the prevailing attitude amongst the GOP when it comes to the increasing militarization of Jesus. I'm going to write more on this later but I have to do some bible research to get it right.

Images of Liberation

Is this what they meant when they said that the Iraqis would greet us with open arms?

Yahoo! News - Bush Vows Activist Agenda in Second Term

Wow, it's amazing that the right hates activist judges but loves activist presidents.

Friday, January 21, 2005 - News - Rice Nomination To Take A Few More Days - News - Rice Nomination To Take A Few More Days This is interesting and I'm glad that they are going to make Rice squirm some more. But overall, could the Democrats be bigger wussies?
A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said several Democrats want to be able to discuss her nomination in the full Senate. However, they will not try to block her confirmation. Rice will most likely be confirmed next week.
Of course not. I wouldn't expect them to block the confirmation of someone completely unsuitable for the job. Thank god I read this in the following paragraph:
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-2 on Wednesday, approving her nomination. The next stop is the full Senate for a vote. The two nays in the committee’s vote came from California’s Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer and defeated presidential candidate and senator from Massachusetts John Kerry. Both Kerry and Boxer had questioned Rice fiercely about the Iraq war.
At least Democrats in the senate have some fucking balls. Well, I guess Boxer doesn't really have balls...she's got moxie though. Letters will go out to Boxer and Kerry, once my work load eases up a bit, thanking them for doing the right thing in this case.

Mike S. Adams: The Book of the Year: 2004

Is there no depth to which Mike will sink in order to make up shit?

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Hip-Hop Lyric of the Moment

Today's HHLM is brought to you by Black Sheep:
My favorite quote?
Can I have a receipt?

Yahoo! News - Critics Say Bush Inaugural Too Lavish for Wartime

Critics Say Bush Inaugural Too Lavish for Wartime, critics like the Rude One. Look I know that these lavish parties are privately funded but that didn't stop people from attacking Kos and MyDD from being paid from the Dean campaign. So fuck it, in this time of war when we are remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers I fully expect that our president have some goddamn humility and tone down this shit. For once, refuse the parties, ask people to donate to support the elections in Iraq. When I read about what Bush is doing with the inaugural ceremonies I know that this man knows not Jesus.

Second Verse, Same as the First!

Yeah, yeah...I know I crib a lot from yahoo news. Right now it just makes my life easier. Watch out though, seems like the sky is falling again! Please see Jesse's post about projection, it's good.

Yahoo! News - Rice Links Iraq Withdrawal to Security

I really wish I could have seen this on TV. My favorite quote:
"The goal is to get the mission accomplished," Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Didn't she get the memo already?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Pandagon: Nobody Told Me The Sky Was Blue!

If you haven't heard about the non-issue of Kos being paid by the Dean campaign then check it out. This is just one link to several articles. The gist of the "issue" is that Kos is as bad as Williams because like Williams, Kos was paid by politicians.

Here's the rundown. Williams NEVER disclosed that he was being paid. Kos did. Williams was paid with tax-payer money. Kos was not. There isn't even a comparison.

Let me note that the only reasons that conservatives are flogging this issue are 1) Williams was caught and they need some misdirection as damage control. And 2) They want to destroy Dean's credability incase he gets elected as DNC chair. Fucking Cock-Knockers!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Social Security

The Rude One has a great post up about social security and reanimating the Gipper. I love it!
It's Freddy Vs. Jason, motherfuckers, Dracula Meets the Wolf Man. It forces the White House to argue with the ghost of Ronald Reagan. It forces them to eat their own or get eaten. They're either going to have to dig up the Gipper and make a soup from his gnarled bones or the Democrats are going to have to use the zombie corpse of Reagan to eat Bush's brain. Either way, it is an engorgement that'll be pure pleasure to our tired hearts.

Back for the New Year!

I'm finally back for the new year; however, posting may be kinda slow for a bit. I'm having a crisis about my job and sort of a personal melt-down. I should be ok in a few days. Ta!