Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Deadbeat Lesbians

This article should be really interesting to follow:
SAN FRANCISCO - California's highest court was asked Tuesday to create a legal framework for what constitutes a family as justices weighed parental rights for lesbian couples who broke up after having children.
This problem wouldn't be nearly as sticky if gays could simply, I don't know...marry, or at least have civil unions. But instead we have a child custody/child support shit fight that doesn't look simple to resolve.
On the other side were two women seeking to retain sole custody of their children, and a woman who argues she should not have to pay child support for her former lover's twins. Their lawyers warned if someone without a biological, marital or adoption-related claim on a child can legally assert parental rights, it would open the door to all sorts of custody disputes.

"There will be no limit to the numbers of companions, be they related or not, to single parents making claims of parentage," said attorney Diana Richmond, representing a woman seeking sole custody of the twin girls she bore with her former partner's donated eggs.
I think that legally holding gay relationships to the same standard as straight marriages is an important step in getting gays legally married. It allows gays to keep pointing out that they have relationship problems just like straight folks and that they want to hold their partners legally accountable for serious problems that arise. Gays aren't looking for exceptions here, they're looking for equality under the law.