Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stem Cells and the Culture of Life

There is some legislation up in the mix that would allow for the expansion of federal support for embryonic stem cell research. Guess what comes marching out...if you said "culture of life" you win!
"The use of federal dollars to destroy life is something I simply do not support," Bush said at the White House.
I'm sure that sentiment is a comfort to all these folks.
The president declined to answer a question about what should be done with the many embryos left over from fertility treatments.

"The issue that involves the federal government is whether or not to use taxpayers' money that would end up destroying that life," he said.
Read that as "I'm a simplistic pussy who would prefer not to address a really complex issue".
Several Senate sponsors, including Republicans, forged ahead nonetheless as they accepted the House-passed bill with a photo-friendly red bow affixed to it.
Dazzle Bush with purty bows and he'll be sure to forget the veto. Seriously. A red bow. WTF?
Bush, whose veto would be the first of his presidency, says he opposes the bill because it would open the way for federally funded research that could create life to destroy it.
I swear, Bush knows nothing about this issue other than that one talking point and goddamn if he ain't gonna hammer that one note until Gabriel's trumpet sounds, praying that he's in the same key for the endtimes. Bush hasn't fucking vetoed a think in 5 years. I hope that this legislation gets pushed and pushed just to call his bluff. If Bush does veto it, I know who will be doing some dancing; it isn't Dobson and company, it'll be these people. They'll be waving to us as their scientific development moves by leaps and bounds leaving America's researchers in the dust.